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de Tornyay Center-Sponsored Conference Presenters

The de Tornyay Center is proud to fund travel for six students to travel to the Western Institute of Nursing’s annual conference, Apil 6 – 9 in Portland, Oregon:

  • Frances Chu, PhD student, is presenting, “Implementation of Task Sharing of Tele-Mental Interventions in Primary Care for Older Adults has been accepted”.
  • Jingyi Li, PhD student is presenting, “Exercise and behavioral management for dementia care at home: A systematic review”.
  • Wonkyung Jung, PhD Student,is presenting, “Social Integration: Concept Analysis”.
  • Lia Kaluna, undergraduate student, is presenting, “Reminiscence on Mood, Cognition, and Social Engagement: A Scoping Review.”
  • Karl Cristie Figuracion, PhD student, is presenting, “Integrating Neuroimaging Measures in Nursing Research.”
  • Sarah McKiddy, PhD student, is presenting “Cognitive Health: Mind the Equity Gap.”

Additionally at the Annual Scientific Meeting of the American Geriatrics Society, Kuan-Ching Wu, PhD student is presenting, “Behavioral change and retention in online interventions for caregivers in dementia”.