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Engaging with Aging Framework

“EWA is an active, conscious process taken on by an older adult or on behalf of the older adult (Primomo & Belza, 2019). This process involves coping with daily living and the aging process, placing an emphasis on active engagement to discover and test adaptations that help individuals maintain independence. The notion of EWA was first put forth in a blog written for older adults and later advanced as a framework that can be used to study the processes of EWA. The EWA framework describes the nuances of how to engage with the impact of age-related changes, approaches to adapting and managing age-related changes, and challenges encountered. Authors of the articles in this EWA special issue represent varied specialties and roles in gerontology. Each article presents a different perspective on the application of EWA.”

from Advancing Our Understanding of Engaging With Aging, Journal of Gerontological Nursing

Engaging with Aging Blog

“Faculty emerita Doris Carnevali has written in the area of nursing diagnosis and management applied to health related daily living. As she aged (now 95), she applied these perspectives to her own aging and daily living… She’s sharing her own thoughts on the aging experience – both as nurse and elder in an Engaging With Aging blog. Doris says, “I’m writing to ‘elders’ and ‘yet-to-be elders.’ This is absolutely not a ‘how to’. There are no panaceas just a sharing of experiences, explorations, ideas, and an invitation to try out engaging with aging instead of just living it.”

Quoted from the UW School of Nursing.

Find the blog here, or watch her speak about the blog on K5News. On November 10, 2023 the blog came to a close.

Journal of Gerontological Nursing Special Issue

A group of UW faculty, students and collaborators wrote a series of articles for the December special issue of Journal of Gerontological Nursing, based on the ‘Engaging with Aging’ framework developed by faculty emerita Doris Carnevali.

Read the editorials here.

Blog Analysis 

A group of UW School of Nursing students analyzed Carnevali’s blog for themes, which they published as a part of the Journal of Gerontological Nursing article series. PhD in Nursing Science student, Yan Su, presented about the analysis at the de Tornyay Center for Healthy Aging’s 2019 Ignite Aging.

Inaugural Doris Carnevali Engaging With Aging Term Post-Doctoral Fellow

The inaugural fellow, Shaoqing Ge, began Fall 2019. Her work helped develop and advance the Engaging with Aging framework and concepts.